Hyattsville Family Photos - Maryland Family Photographer

Hyattsville Family Photos - Maryland Family Photographer

Chaotic. Does that describe how you feel right about now? Christmas is in a few days and there are emails to respond to and presents to buy and doctor's appointments to make and FSA receipts to submit and new credit cards to activate and then change all of your automatic bill pays to and thank you letters to write and 2017 goals to make and...and...and. Or is that just me? Projecting much? 

I'm taking deep breaths as I write this post and choosing some of my favorite images to share from a recent family photo session here in Hyattsville, Maryland. Kelly, the mom pictured below, contacted me about doing a family session with her crew before the holidays and I was delighted when our schedules aligned! She texted the night before their session and said she was nervous because her home was chaos. With twin three-year olds, an almost two-year old and a newborn, I told her not to worry - that chaos photographs well - and then tried to prep myself for true mayhem!

But when I walked in their home the following morning, the living room was tidied and I felt an immediate calm in her family's presence. Sure, the kids were running around in their pajamas and tipping trail mix on the floor for their dog and Kelly and her husband hadn't yet had their coffee and there was overflow kid/parent/life stuff piled up in the adjacent study and bedroom, but I didn't get a feeling of chaos. I got a feeling of a family that truly enjoys being around one another and of parents that take the time, even when they're trying to get ready for church and taking family photos and eating breakfast, to sit and read a few favorite stories and listen patiently to another request for a spoon or a treat or some bacon. Ah, patience+parenting!

In this season of hustle and bustle and moving and shaking, I want to embrace the chaos. Because hopefully that's not what the rest of the world sees or feels when they see me. Because it's fine if our homes aren't always showroom ready (something someone actually said to me recently about my own home! Hah!). Because a little chaos keeps things interesting. Because chaos is real life. And because a little chaos photographs well :)

Enjoy some of my favorites  below!