This past weekend I turned 30. When friends I hadn't spoken to in awhile called to share their birthday wishes they asked how me how life was going and how I felt turning the big 3-0. it gave me a good opportunity to really reflect on this milestone age (though I really didn't/don't feel that it was a big deal). 

I feel blessed when I can honestly reply that life is good. I am loving my work at IREX. I couldn't be prouder of my husband who is back at school to get a Master of Public Health and my baby girl, at 15 months, is making me laugh every day as she discovers the world around her.

One thing that is missing in my life is a more creative outlet. I've been thinking about starting this website/photography/video business for awhile and I'm excited to finally launch it! One of my greatest joys is capturing the world around me with my camera - either through photos or video - and I want to share that joy with others.

So here she is - Jennifer Bangoura Productions. I'm still putting the finishing touches on the site (well, building it really) and of course, looking for people to photograph! Is getting quality, affordable photos or a video about your business something that's been on your to-do list for awhile? Let me help you check it off your list!

As part of my launch and in celebration of my 30th birthday, I have a goal to do 30 sessions over the next year. I hope you'll be a part of my journey whether in front of my camera or by following along on my blog. I can't wait to hear from you!

With love,