Meet Randi & Val

Ask anyone who knows me well what one of my favorite things to do is and they'll say that it's finding connections between people. If you tell me where you're from, I'm already trying to think of someone I know who's also from your hometown. It brings me so much joy when I find out you went to high school with someone else I know or that you played on the same baseball team as my friend. Maybe it's the delight of seeing how this big, sometimes cold, world can be so small.  Maybe it's the thrill of the challenge of finding ways we are all connected to one another.

Regardless, Randi got it in touch with me a week before her wedding through my best friend, Kate, because she realized she really did want a videographer to capture her day. They knew one another from their time in Chicago, which made shooting her wedding that much more special since I was connecting with friends who are so dear to my own friend's heart. 

I hear so, so often from friends and acquaintances how their one regret from their wedding day is that they didn't have a videographer to capture their day. Having a stellar photographer, which Randi and Val certainly did, is essential and I hope you'll agree that having someone capture the small moments on video - the secret handshakes, the look of pride and love in your father's eyes, the joy of dancing with your nephew - is also such a lovely keepsake to have.

From their sweet first look to the last spin on the dance floor, Randi and Val's wedding was filled with moments that every wedding should be - good food, loving family, supportive friends and a band that kept everyone on the dance floor. I hope you enjoy watching their video as much as I did making it!


Venue: Corradetti Glassblowing Factory

Photography: Kristi Odom Photography

Catering: Woodberry Kitchen

Band: Coming soon!

Dress: Ralph Lauren