Meet Sundiata

When my husband, Abdoulaye, and I first connected with Sage and Sharrieff to talk about a nanny share for our babies (who actually were babies at the time), I was delighted to learn their son's name was Sundiata, whose name he shares with this moving poet and a Malian prince. Since Abdoulaye and I met in Mali, it felt like fate!

It's hard to believe our babies, who were six and nine months when we met, are now two (and almost two for our little girl :) Sage and Sharrieff celebrated Sundiata's 2nd birthday a few weeks ago and I had the chance to snap some family photos after the party died down. I get such a thrill from sessions like these where generations come together and getting to play a role in celebrating memories with them. Sundiata is a little boy who is going to fill this world with love and light and dance and music. You can't help but smile and laugh when you're around him and I marvel at how open he is to the people around him.

When I started my quest in March to do 30 sessions in my 30th year, I hesitated (as anyone may do when they put a lofty goal out into the world) but now that I'm half-way there (I have a few more sessions to post!) I am marveling at this opportunity to capture and celebrate moments for others. It's bringing me so much joy and I'm grateful to do what I'm doing. 

Enjoy some of my favorites from Sundiata's birthday below!