Virginia Beach Maternity Session - AKA My Sister is Having a Baby!

Virginia Beach Maternity Session - AKA My Sister is Having a Baby!

I can still remember when my sister Facetimed my husband and me last year. We started with our usual greetings, but I knew something was up when her husband stayed on the call and didn't just say 'hey' before heading off to do his own thing.

**Note - whenever a relative who usually leaves after greetings stays on the phone or Facetime post-greeting - something is up.**

So we're Facetiming and my husband, Abdoulaye, is trying to do the 'hey' and head off to do his own thing, thing, but I know that Lindsay wants to tell us she's pregnant because I'm so intuitive (and because her husband was still on Facetime - see note above). So I'm pulling at Abdoulaye's shirt and then she shared the news - they were expecting!! Needless to say, we've spent the past almost nine months anxiously awaiting their baby girl's arrival and sometime this month she'll grace us with her presence! 

I went home to Virginia Beach a few weeks ago for Lindsay's baby shower and we were able to snap some maternity photos after the party. Check out my favorites below!

The gorgeous flower letter is from Lindsay's friend who just opened an Etsy shop, Poppies and Pearls. Make sure to check her shop out!

Are you interested in having your photos taken? Send me a message - I'd love to hear from you!