Hyattsville, Maryland Newborn Photo Session

When I started this business last year, I envisioned spending more time with friends and neighbors and capturing the kind of moments I would want held in time for my own family. When I recently spoke with Ashley Herrinton, who generously offered 30 minute one-on-one sessions a few weeks in her newsletter, we talked about the idea of celebrating and how that's truly at the core of my business and day-to-day life. I take such pleasure in celebrating small, and large, accomplishments, milestones, events, and activities. 

Having a baby is definitely at the top of the 'reasons to celebrate' list in my book. Remember when we celebrated Sundiata's second birthday? Well, his baby sister was actually already cooking, though I didn't know it at the time! Check out my favorites from her newborn session just a few days after she joined the outside world. I love that I was able to roll over to their home since they're just a few blocks away, with my own little girl in tow, to take these images. Enjoy!